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sven: are you absolutely sure that these services are running? is this the output of "systemctl status -l NetworkManager.service"? tomreyn: yes, but I'm not really sure I'm running the right version of this package, because it might be a binary of a later version tomreyn: that is just the first result. I think my ubuntu keeps the version of openssl that is installed TomTom: i think i'm right. please show this too: apt-cache policy openssl sven: why is that the case? 1 sec. sven: what's the output of: dpkg -l '*openssl*' | grep ^i tomreyn: the output of your command: "systemctl status -l NetworkManager.service" tomreyn: tomreyn: here's the output: tomreyn: I think the openssl package got a major upgrade around one year ago. sven: is this ubuntu-16.04.4-desktop-amd64? tomreyn: yes TomTom: no, that's not the output of the command i asked for. and it is not the output of apt-cache policy openssl. you must first try to apt upgrade -f. if this does not return errors, then you can install updates: sudo apt -y upgrade -f sven: okay you have openssl 1.1.1-1ubuntu2.20 installed, and you are running systemd 241-4ubuntu16.04.1, so this is not a newer version. sven: maybe you have some package in your apt cache / package lists which was installed from one of the standard ubuntu releases then you may have upgraded to 16.04.1 then, maybe sven: that could also be that you have some customizations in your /etc/




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Vuego Scan 6678 1we Driver For Windows 750 quadhari

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